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Best Photo Stick for iPhone | 2021 PhotoStick Review

The Industry leading Photo Stick since 2008

Picture Keeper for iPhone/iPad

What is a Photo Stick?

Photo Sticks offer a way for picture lovers to backup their photos, files, contacts and more with ease. It's important to note that a Photo Stick isn't the same thing as a USB flash drive. Rather, it's a software solution that does so much more than any old USB flash drive can. 

But be careful - not all Photo Sticks are created equally. So we've created some key things to watch out for when looking to buy one of these devices.

Which Photo Stick Is The Best?
Picture Keeper has been around since 2008, and we like to think we've come a long way since then! The team at picture Keeper has continuously refined our unique software to be exactly what a Picture Lover wants and nothing less.

Picture Keeper Connect for iPhone/iPad is a simple, safe and effective solution for backing up your precious memories with little to no technology expertise needed. 

And if you get stuck - no worries. Our U.S.Based Customer Support is located in Marietta, GA and we're always happy to help. No question or concern is too small for us to handle.

We're so positive that you'll love it, it even comes with a Money Back Guarantee (no registration required!).

Comparison of the Top Photo Stick's on the Market

What Makes Picture Keeper so Unique? 

 Our devices come packed with features but here are just a few that our customers rave about: Easily Finds All Your Photos: When you first click "Start Backup," Picture Keeper goes in and finds all of your photos. Quick and simple. 

Continuous Backup: 

When you use it in the future, the backups only save new photos preventing you from having to remember what was already saved.  

Skips duplicate photos Works With Multiple Drives: 

When one Picture Keeper fills up, the next one picks up right where the last left off. Free Software Updates included No subscriptions, monthly fees, or add-ons. No wifi required for backups! No cloud storage needed. Here is how we stack up against the competition:

Check out our different drives for Mobile Devices and Desktop PC and Macs!

Picture Keeper for iPhone and Android

Picture Keeper Connect Save up to 16,000 photos, videos and contacts from your iPhone, iPad or Android phone and tablet.

Was $139.99 Now $84.99

Picture Keeper is for Everyone!

Picture Keeper Photo Sticks are the ideal backup solution for people from all walks of life, from avid photographers, parents, and grandparents to entrepreneurs, lawyers, business professionals and more. 

 The photo stick is small enough to store in a desk, a briefcase, or a safety deposit box. Picture Keeper will keep your important files and memories safe without any hassles, making it the perfect backup system. Backup photos, videos and files from your phone, tablet or computer with a Picture Keeper Photo Stick.