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Type C Adapter

Type C Adapter

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     Introducing the Type - C Adapter

    Mobile devices and newer computers aren’t always as compatible as we might like. Take transferring photos, for instance. Older computers and laptops use USB Type-A ports, which have been the standard port for years.

    Times change. Newer model computers, including MacBooks, now use USB Type-C ports. Phones and mobile devices are also switching to the new Type-C connections, which are faster, and best of all, fit into the port no matter which side of the USB is upright.

    Unfortunately, this change in USB styles comes with a serious problem—transferring photos from older devices to new ones just got a lot more complicated. This was an issue we couldn’t ignore.  

    The Type - C Connector is a USB Type-C converter designed to give all usb drives the ability to backup and transfer photos to and from devices with Type-C USB ports. Simply connect the Keeper Connector to your existing drive, plug it into a Type-C USB port, and the backup software will get to work.


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